Grid Entrance Systems: Solutions for High Traffic and Heavy Loads

One of the most frequent questions we get is what is the right entrance system? The answer is not a straightforward as you would think. Not only does your entrance create a first impression but will also help maintain your design aesthetic, add years to your floor’s life, significantly reduce maintenance costs and is critical to safety. Slip and fall injuries are serious for consumers and businesses alike. Installing an effective and appropriate entrance system can dramatically reduce the potential for slip hazards while preventing dirt and moisture from being tracked in.


Investing in a grid system provides the best long-term solution for entrances where there is high traffic or heavy loads such as grocery stores, commercial buildings, hotels and healthcare facitlities. These products are designed for entrances that receive repetitive, heavy foot and cart traffic and offer safety, cleaning and noise reduction benefits while withstanding consistent abuse.


While grid systems give the appearance of being rigid and heavy, many are designed to roll up or be removed easily to allow for cleaning. Additionally, because there are so many size options, grid systems are incredibly versatile and reduce maintenance costs by allowing for sections to be replaced versus the entire installation. Matworks Proscraper can even be flipped after years of use, doubling the life of the grid.


We offer a number of options for grid systems such as Proscraper, Powerlinks, Design Links, Reese and Nystrom to name a few. Please find additional information on our website in the Product Solutions section.


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