Anti-Fatigue Solutions – Improved Worker Productivity and Reduced Operating Costs

Workers who stand on hard surfaces for long periods of time are reported to experience fatigue and pain in various extremities (feet, knees, back and neck) and may have more workers compensation claims and missed time at work. Employers can reduce or eliminate this fatigue — along with the related health and safety hazards while improving worker productivity by installing anti-fatigue matting or flooring.

Depending upon the environment, anti-fatigue solutions come in a variety of materials and configurations. In areas where moisture, grease or other fluids are present, a rubber solution may be best to address slips and falls while maximizing employee comfort. These wet-area mats often provide drainage as well as cushioning, improving the safety of the area.

For dry areas, a rubber or vinyl top with a cushioned backing is most often used. This option allows for easy cleaning, is antimicrobial, provides ample comfort for workers and maintains the store’s image.

PharmaEze, an option Matworks developed for a major pharmacy chain more than 20 years ago, is available as well. It’s a needle punch 7.5mm fiber top surface with a cushioned backing that can be used as a runner or wall-to-wall, offering an attractive option without sacrificing quality.

The use of anti-fatigue solutions helps improve worker productivity and eliminate many of the work-related health problems caused by standing in one location for long periods of time. Making use of these systems is an important part of the big picture when it comes to improving worker productivity and reducing employer costs.

Overview of Uses:
Cashier/check out stand
Meat/deli/seafood counter
Customer service counter
Industrial work areas

Types Available:
Walk-off mats
Rolled goods/runners

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